412-431-8006 | 2304 Jane St., Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Bonnie Morrison

Mobile Therapist/Behavioral Consultant

I’ve been an ACI team memberBonnie Morrison for more than 18 years. What I like most about my job are the many trainings available to staff that help us better serve the community.

Helping teenagers suffering from severe anxiety and depression find the confidence they need to success warms my heart. I can recall three young persons I’ve supported who went on to do amazing things. Living in darkness with thoughts of self-harm led them to services. I helped each one find their voice and take control of their lives through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

“C” went on to become a model and now owns her own business. “K” joined the color guard team as a freshman and her senior year, she was named captain. “P” overcame social anxiety to go to college and pursue her dream of becoming an art therapist.

When I feel frustrated, I remind myself of these amazing individuals who worked hard to turn their lives around. What a rewarding job I have!

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