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Blended Service Coordination

Allegheny Children’s Initiative Service Coordination Program supports children and young adults from all backgrounds in need of assistance in accessing and coordinating their behavioral health services. Service coordination links individuals and families to services and promotes coordination across service systems (therapy, school, medical, social, juvenile justice, etc.).  Within the complex network of behavioral health services, the role of the service coordinator is important to assist individuals and families to understand their options, become more engaged, and how to effectively utilize resources. Service Coordinators meet with families at least once a month or more often, as needed. The Service Coordination Department provides crisis support 24/7. 

Service Coordinators provide these services:

  • Assess the needs and strengths of each person served, based on their input and their family’s input. 
  • Service Planning to help secure the right combination of supports for the young person supported to have a successful life in their community.  
  • Link each person supported and their family to services/supports that are convenient, effective, and lead to positive changes.
  • Support the family in strengthening their natural network of supports outside of service providers. 
  • Coordinate services and supports to ensure communication occurs to reach service planning goals.  
  • Evaluate/Monitor service providers to ensure they are meeting the family’s needs. 
  • Advocate for access to services while removing barriers and protecting consumer rights.  
  • Refer those we support to desired services.  

Eligibility Requirements:

A child/adolescent up to the age of 18 (or 21 if they have an Individualized Educational Plan) who has a mental health diagnosis and meets one of the following criteria:

  • At risk for out-of-home placement without services in place.
  • Returning home from a community inpatient or other out-of-home placement.
  • Aged 6 years or younger who requires or is enrolled in Early Intervention Services. 
  • Receiving services from 2 or more publicly-funded programs.
  • Recommendation of mental health services need by a local county interagency team (which includes county representatives).
  • Transfer from another Blended Service Coordination Provider.


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