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Jeannette Smith

Intake Specialist Coordinator/Administrative Service Coordinator

The favorite part of my job is helping families to get the services they need. Helping families lead happier, stress-free lives and put smiles on their faces. Jeannette Smith

I’ll never forget helping the parents of a three year-old girl. The parents had just found out that their daughter was diagnosed with Autism. This was their only child. They were new to Pennsylvania and very scared. They didn’t know what to do to help their child. The psychologist referred them to Allegheny Children’s Initiative and it was one of my first cases at ACI. I was also scared. I didn’t want to let this family down. My supervisor helped me and I was able to get them connected to services. I worked with them for two years and by the time I closed the case, their daughter was doing much better and Mom & Dad were much more knowledgeable about Autism and the services in Allegheny County. They were able to navigate the system on their own and were thankful for our support.
I felt this was exactly what I was hired to do and it was a very fulfilling case from start to finish. I’ll never forget that beautiful family.

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